The task of revamping your commercial property takes a lot of forethought, especially if you are looking at doing a new paint job. There is a lot to consider with such an undertaking, particularly when the space is large and you are deciding what paint is suitable for the job or even where to begin. It’s essential with any paint job, regardless of its size or purpose, to use the correct type of paint to achieve the best finish and ensure your colour choice will work with your decor.

It’s not uncommon across Australia that professional painters recommend using acrylic paint, and we explore why this is the case.

Are Oil Paints Recommended?

When it comes to painting for households or commercial properties, acrylic paints are often the choice by commercial and professional painters in Australia.

While Oil paints are also quite popular and readily available in paint and hardware stores, they are glossier than acrylics, so they do give a shine to a room; however, they are also toxicto certain extent. If you are concerned about toxins in your workspace or home, the experts recommend avoiding oil paints for walls.

If you are prone to making a mess while you paint (as many non-professionals can be), dropping oil paint anywhere requires a significant level of hard work to remove. Even with scrubbing, it’s no easy to remove. It also has a potent scent that lingers for days at a time, so if you want to get the staff back quickly to the workspace, it may be challenging conditions for some of your team to work in.

Acrylic Paint Benefits

When any paint specialist talks about acrylics for your commercial or home property, not only do professionals prefer it, they can always give you many positive points about it, which we share below:

  1. Easy to work with

Due to their strong adhesive properties, regardless of the type of surface you paint, they easily adhere to walls – wood, concrete or masonry. This paint type’s versatility means getting the right colours into your interiors and will soon have your commercial property looking fresh and new.

  1. Durable

Durable is definitely the word you want to hear when it comes to the workplace or home. One of Acrylic paint’s most significant assets is its high durability, which means there is less chance of cracking on the walls than other mediums. Given that it’s long-lasting, it’s a perfect choice for high traffic areas such as waiting rooms or office spaces.

  1. Dries Fast

Acrylics dry fast, which means you can easily remodel over a weekend without interrupting as many valuable work hours. The time you need to wait between coats is less, meaning your entire project is achievable sooner than other paints would allow you.

Overall, when it comes to painting your commercial property, you want to be sure that you are getting it right the first time. Otherwise, it can be a costly and time-consuming project. If you are unsure what might be right for your commercial property, talk to one of our experienced team, and they can guide you through your options.