It’s the dream of many, updating the colour scheme inside your home, and sometimes it can be challenging to find the time or feel that you have the right expertise to do it. That is when it is time to call us, your professional painting team. We have the knowledge and skills in every aspect of painting your home interiors, and you can be sure with our many year’s combined experience that your next painting project can be completed with the best professional finish.

When deciding to overhaul a room with paint, one of the most challenging decisions is choosing the right shade. However, as the industry has evolved and technology is more intuitive, modern mixing technology means we can achieve the right shade to match your rooms’ furnishings. There are other considerations than colour, and that’s selecting the right finish because this will also impact the completed result. We’ve explored a variety of different textures that will add a little flair to your room and how they are beneficial to the overall look of your home:

  1. Eggshell Finish

This finish is a soft-looking low sheen paint that is meant to give the look of an eggshell. It’s an excellent option when you want to hide any flaws because while also being relatively easy to clean. When a low lustre effect is desired, homeowners often choose this option because it makes a fantastic decorative feature that gives your room a look and feel unique to your home.

  1. Flat Finish

A flat finish is a non-reflective matte appearance. If you’re looking to hide some blemishes on your walls, it will undoubtedly be able to hide these for you with little effort. As a choice for your home, this finish is most often used in a low-traffic area and for ceilings.

When used in ‘moody’ tones, it will give a room a really sophisticated look and is perfect for use on a feature wall. As paint has evolved, a flat finish is often marketed as washable. However, as professionals in the painting industry, you get better effected by touching up any scratches and marks with a little more paint when necessary.

  1. Semi-Gloss

This finish is ideal for skirting, trim, windows and doors because of its subtle shine and durable surface make them easy to clean. Semi-gloss is also perfect in damp areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. This is because semi-gloss is tolerant of moist environments better than low-sheen paint.

  1. Satin

When you think of a satin finish, you automatically think of luxury, and this paint doesn’t disappoint. Its smooth and velvety look has a glow and pearl-like finish that makes living areas, bedrooms, and hallways look beautifully stylish with the simple addition of colour. The formulation of a satin finish is simple to clean and enables you to do light scrubbing without damaging your walls. Its washability and sheen are a lot better than the eggshell finish, which means it’s often used for doors or woodwork.

  1. High-Gloss

A high-gloss finish is not usually the choice for wall paint. It has a beautifully shiny, polished presentation and is reflective. It’s also effortless to clean, making it a great choice when painting furniture, door features or cabinets in a modern setting.

The Right Finish for the Best Outcome

Regardless of what type of finish you choose, preparing your surfaces is always essential for gaining the best outcomes. This includes:

  • Filling cracks
  • Sanding
  • Priming
  • Sealing
  • Undercoat

These actions, right through to choosing the paint finish and colour, are best done with a professional’s assistance who are experts in the painting industry. Choosing to hire someone with expertise in the field who are reputable interior house painters which can be quite a refined skill. We highly recommend you engage with professionals in this field because they will save you both time and money, and you know the job will be done to the highest quality and correctly.

Contact our house painters today for a free, no-obligation quote. We can do jobs of any size, big or small, and your home will be painted with quality workmanship.