Whatever project you have going on around the house, especially on your interior walls, can be a fun but daunting project. It’s not the actual painting that can be intimidating, but choosing colours can be quite overwhelming because of the multitude of shades…even when choosing something neutral like white.

There is much inspiration around to browse through to help you make a decision – Instagram posts, Pinterest, Magazines, other people’s homes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to suit your style or budget.

Are you feeling lost when deciding how to put these ideas together to suit your home at an affordable price for your architectural style? We’ve gathered together some Do’s and Don’ts when taking that leap and painting your home, everything from choosing the colour to getting it up on the walls.

Let’s DO This

Take a look around your home and consider your floors’ colour before choosing the right paint colour. You don’t want your colour choice to clash with your carpet, floorboards or slate; they need to blend well together. It is often the place that is overlooked but is perhaps the most significant considerations because it covers every room. This is when grabbing samples or colour cards can really help you get a sense of whether the colour is the ride shade for your home.

Colour can be a real talking piece for a room, so there aren’t many shades you should avoid. It’s a known fact that colour can significantly affect mood, whether a person wants to spend time in that space and can determine the use of a room. However, if you have bold elements, using ‘loud’ colours would make the area overwhelming, so it would be better to choose something more neutral.

If you are looking at a colour theme for your whole home, the best-case scenario is to consult with painters or interior designers to gain their expertise so you can enhance each area.

DON’T Forget These Handy Tips

People are often surprised when the paint seen in-store looks remarkably different from their walls once they’re painted or even on the walls of other homes. The reason this occurs is simple but overlooked mainly by people; the lighting conditions inside a store or another person’s home is likely to be remarkably different than your own, thus affecting the hue. This is why we don’t recommend painting all your walls until you have tried a sample pot to see whether it will work for you and your rooms.

People often want to try everything themselves, but we recommend not hesitating to call a professional painter because they really are the colour experts. Let’s face it; there are hundreds of hues to choose from, but the decision making can be halved if you consult experts in their field – such as residential painters.

You can also benefit from not overlooking shades you already have in your house because they can guide you in making the right choice for your interiors. Look at pops of colour throughout your furnishings, bedding, throws, cupboards, flooring and other decor elements. Do you see a tone that would work on your walls without already overwhelming what you have? It should all compliment each other for a cohesive design. Otherwise, you will find that space becomes less used than other areas of your home.

While these are just a few do’s and don’ts that we find beneficial when adding something colour to our homes, if you are unsure what will work right for you, we recommend contacting us to give your home the splash of colour it deserves.

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